Delicate Glass Sculptures by Simone Crestani

Simone Crestani’s contemporary glass sculptures are inspired by natural forms and repurposing them through a decorative key that preserves the elegance and poetry. Simone grew up near Venice which is the capital of the glass world, this explains his love for glass from a young age.

As an apprentice in Lunardon’s workshop, Crestani received a strong foundation in the techniques of manipulation. He spent years experimenting and researching new techniques with an emphasis on flame-working. As Crestani’s confidence in his skills grew, so did his passion.

Glass Sculptures

There is no real reason why I chose glass, may be glass picked me. I have been so lucky to have fallen in love with it when I was young and to learn well its secrets. Having indeed the control of technique allowed me to use it as medium to develop my thoughts.

Glass Sculptures2

Glass Sculptures3

Glass Sculptures4

Glass Sculptures5

Glass Sculptures6

Glass Sculptures

Glass Sculptures8

Glass Sculptures9

Glass Sculptures10

Glass Sculptures11

Glass Sculptures12

Glass Sculptures13

Glass Sculptures14

Glass Sculptures15

Glass Sculptures16

Glass Sculptures17

Glass Sculptures18

Glass Sculptures19

Glass Sculptures20

via: Simone Crestani

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