A Beautiful Project: Dream by Sofie Lee

This beautiful project ‘Dream’ was created by Sofie Lee, she is an illustrator and designer based in Portland and is driven by the desire to continuously learn. Drawing deeply from the vast well of culture, Sofie creates strong concepts that communicate to an array of viewers at multiple levels, enticing them with clean compositions, clever color schemes, and surprising stories. 

We often tend to dream, expect, and imagine the things we wished we had. Dreaming is a catalyst for a better future. However, I see dreams in two different ways. One being that dreams give off a sense of motivation and the other that dreams create a sense of delusion within. As humans, our dreams block us from seeing the things that are right in front of us. Although dreams are meant to keep us alive, they also make us forget our existence and our purpose. In the end, our lack of awareness of our surroundings can drive us to forget who we really are.

Sofie Lee“The project, Dream, is a set of style frames that are designed based on a visual poem, “Lonely Wintry Moon,” which I wrote portraying myself losing my existence to follow this invisible dream.”

Sofie Lee Dream Dream Sofie Lee Sofie Lee Sofie Lee Dream Sofie Lee Dream

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