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Editorial Illustrations by Marcos Chin

This collection of editorial illustrations are by award winning illustrator Marcos Chin, this article includes illustrations for Target, MTA Arts for Transit, Fiat, McDonalds and Lavalife. Marcos also has a custom design T-Shirt label called YEE YEE, all are printed, cut and sewn in his Brooklyn Studio.

“Illustrations forTarget’s debut advertising campaign across Canada.”

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“Grand Central Catwalk – Client: MTA Arts for Transit”

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Fiat, “Style”

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“Lavalife – Lavalife was an online dating company based out of Toronto, Canada. Between 2001-2010 they released a series of advertisements which were art directed by the agency Zig, which is a now part of Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B). The ads appeared around the world in various media platforms such as Out-Of-Home, print and digital, surface design, as well as moving image.”

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Marcos Chin’s Website

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