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Emma Lindström’s Ethereal Abstract Paintings

Emma Lindström is currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden and to create her abstract paintings she uses mixed media on canvas. If you are interested in purchasing any of Emma’s prints be sure to check out her site for links to her online stores.

My paintings are silent bursts of emotions, which in the end become portrayals (or portals, if you will) of energy. As such I wish that they can be felt as much as seen; that the energy gets new life and takes on a new form in each viewer. Even if the feeling they give rise to can’t be explained, or even if it’s an unconscious one, it’s nevertheless an important and true feeling. A feeling, I think, that bears witness to the interconnectedness between us, and that there is no distance too far for energy to travel. Which is also why I want to keep it light.

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Via: Emma Lindström

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