Nick Pedersen

Environmental Awareness Project: ‘Ultima’ by Digital Artist Nick Pedersen

Photographer and illustrator Nick Pedersen is the creative mind behind the ‘Ultima’ project. ‘Ultima’ portrays Nick’s concern for the impact we humans have on the planet. I have featured part 3 of the project, be sure to check out part 1 and 2 over on Nick’s website. He also has a limited edition book for sale that you can purchase.

Primarily it is about the modern conflict between the manmade world and the natural world, and between modern and primitive cultures. I portray this as an epic struggle and in my work these forces clash in theatrical, post-apocalyptic battlegrounds. My goal with this project is to create striking juxtapositions between the ruins of modern civilization and a futuristic ecological utopia. The narrative progression shows a rediscovery of these remnants belonging to the conceivably forgotten past.

Nick Pedersen

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