Frank Oriti

Fantastic Portrait Paintings by Frank Oriti

These contemporary portrait paintings are by Cleveland, Ohio based artist Frank Oriti. He has an M.F.A in painting and his work has been featured in The New York Times and “Get Real: New American Painting” at the Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville.

He worked at one of Cleveland’s steel mills and continued painting in his spare time. In the fall of 2008, Oriti headed to Ohio University where he began creating work inspired by his past experience in the blue-collar work force.

Frank Oriti

Frank Oriti2

Frank Oriti3

Frank Oriti4

Frank Oriti5

Frank Oriti6

Frank Oriti7

Frank Oriti8

Frank Oriti9

Frank Oriti10

Frank Oriti

Frank Oriti12

Frank Oriti13

Frank Oriti14

Frank Oriti15

Frank Oriti16

Frank Oriti17

Frank Oriti18

Frank Oriti19

Frank Oriti20

Frank Oriti21

Frank Oriti22

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