Stunning Fantasy Wire Sculptures of Fairies by Robin Wight

These fantasy wire sculptures of fairies are by Robin Wight, it’s hard to believe he only started creating them a year ago as they are absolutely incredible. His wire sculptures are currently a hobby that he hopes to turn into a career. Recently on his Facebook he has announced that he will be making a 1 Off Special Fairy To celebrate the raise in popularity and will be selling her on eBay.

fantasy wire sculptures

Inspired by an inexplicable real life encounter, these galvanised or stainless wire sculptures make the perfect statement piece for the bottom of any garden.

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Process Images

1p 2p 3p 4p 5p

Robin Wight’s Facebook Page

Robin Wight’s Website


  1. Charming, happy congratulations, it would make me very happy to have a piece of yours here in my village, in Brazil. Kiss Tania

  2. Wonderful. Do you need an apprentice? I would give my right hand to be able to make fairies every day. So talented. I will have to try a mini one with my own wire. You have inspired me.

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