Imaginative Fine Art by Sara Blake

The fine art pieces below are by Sara Blake aka ZSO, she is an illustrator, fine artist and designer currently based in New York City. Sara uses a mixture of hand drawn illustration and digital art to create her artworks. A few of her clients include; Nike, Hurley, VICE Media and Marvel Entertainment.

Fine Art

ZSO (pronounced |zo|) is a collection of letters that I find aesthetically and phonetically beautiful, culled together from some personally significant people, places, and things. Together they make a sound much like “so,” the adverb which means “to such a great extent.” I am a person of extremes, for better or worse (most often the latter), so the ring of it was fitting, and the moniker has since stuck for good.

Fine Art2

Fine Art3

Fine Art4

Fine Art6

Fine Art7

Fine Art8

Fine Art9

Fine Art10

Fine Art

Fine Art12

Fine Art13

Fine Art14

Fine Art15

Via: Sara Blake

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