Beautiful Fine Art Paintings by Vladimir London

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The collection of fine art paintings below are by Vladimir London, he has studied drawing, painting, art history, decorative arts, and sculpture at a school of fine arts. He then went on to complete a five-year course at the academy of arts’ department of easel painting and drawing. And finally, he spent five more years obtaining a university degree as a professional fine art teacher. Vladimir currently teaches art via the internet to students from various countries worldwide.

I was painting in oil and watercolor, and I had exhibitions in Europe and North America. My artworks have found their homes in collections in the USA, Canada, UK, Russia, Finland, Holland, Germany, Poland, France, Spain, and many other countries.

Fine Art Paintings

I was fortunate to have very professional art teachers, and I went through the system of art education that taught art in the classical way, where form is everything.



Fine Art Paintings

My greatest passion is to share my knowledge and experience and to be useful to artists who strive for success. Seeing my personal example, books and videos helping students to become better artists fascinates me and gives me a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.





Fine Art Paintings





Fine Art Paintings


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