Free Retro 3D Wood Text Layer Styles for Photoshop

Within this download donated by Creativenauts we have three fantastic retro themed 3D wood text layer styles for use with Photoshop. Each of the styles that we have come prepared in their own PSD file, leaving you to simply change the text in the smart layer to create your piece. Not sure what a smart layer is? no worries, there is a useful documentation file included which explains the basics of everything you’ll need to know. This download must not be used commercially without prior contact with Creativenauts.


Creativenauts is led by one very kind man who goes by the name of Derek Stevenson and he has been creating digital products to sell on since 2012. And quite honestly, this guy is the king of text layer styles for Photoshop. Now I understand that’s a powerful statement but before you judge take a look at his Ultimate Bundles website. If you know a thing or two about Photoshop, you will know that his collection is impressive.




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