Branding Project: Get Raw by Snask

Snask is the design agency behind this branding project for ‘Get Raw’, they are a brand that sells organic, vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar-free health bars. They contacted Snask asking them to do full rebrand to modernize their visual identity and tone of voice. With no empty calories, bland flavors or pointers to fad diets Snask felt that it was a great product that needed to become more interesting and better looking.

Get Raw We created a concept around junk-free snacking and the love between meals. Refueling on the go isn’t an indulgence but a basic human need. And so we created a concept around not feeling bad about eating between meals. Real ingredients and mouthwatering taste. Simply put say yes to snacking!

Get Raw Get Raw Get Raw Get Raw Get Raw Get Raw Get Raw Get Raw Get Raw

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