‘Great Little Place’ by Tobias Hall

Tobias Hall was contacted by ‘Great little Place’ to create some drop caps that feature some hidden gems and famous parts of London. Check out this series of well-executed hand-lettered pieces, prints should also be available pretty soon so be sure to check out Tobias’ website. We have featured other projects by Tobias Hall here on Inspiration Hut, for example, his; ‘Creative Typography Pieces on Wood’ and ‘Colorful Hand Lettering’.

Tobias Hall

Tobias Hall1

Tobias Hall2

Tobias Hall3

Tobias Hall4

Tobias Hall6

Tobias Hall7

Tobias Hall8

Tobias Hall9

Tobias Hall10

Tobias Hall11

Tobias Hall12

Tobias Hall14

Tobias Hall15

Tobias Hall

Tobias Hall17

Tobias Hall18

Tobias Hall19

Tobias Hall20

via: Tobias Hall

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