Hilarious Underdogs Photography Project by Sebastian Magnani

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This photography project titled 'Underdogs' is by Sebastian Magnani, he started the project in 2009. Sebastian is a professional photographer and artist based in Zurich, Switzerland.

So where does this striking resemblance between dog and owner come from? Does the "underdog" really rank himself lower, even visually? It is undisputed that the canines not only stir emotions and interest, but also our inner most needs. Dogs are considered loyal, selfless, trustworthy, life saving, fun and proud companions in a world where these values are gradually disappearing. From the inexhaustible number of examples, lies the difficulty to find the gems, which captivate with uniqueness, brilliance and depth. Only to create a single moment of symbiosis – between man and beast – to be one.




Via: Sebastian Magnani