Illustrations by Leonardo Santamaria

The collection of illustrations below are by Leonardo Santamaria, he is an illustrator based in Los Angeles and born in the Philippines. His pieces are created using; acrylic, graphite, colored paper and gouache on paper and a few pieces are finished digitally. Leonardo has been included in a few group exhibitions and recently received an award for the 2016 Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition Society of Illustrators, New York, NY.

leonardo.santamaria 1

leonardo.santamaria 2

leonardo.santamaria 3

leonardo.santamaria 4

leonardo.santamaria 5

leonardo.santamaria 6

leonardo.santamaria 7

leonardo.santamaria 8

leonardo.santamaria 9

leonardo.santamaria 10

leonardo.santamaria 11

leonardo.santamaria 12

Via: Leonardo Santamaria

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