One of a Kind Illustrations by Rami Niemi

Rami Niemi has worked as a full time illustrator since 2008, he creates colorful and amusing vector based drawings. He won four bronze awards at the CLIO Awards and a silver at the 2011 YoungGuns Awards and his works have appeared in quite a few advertising campaigns and editorials.

Rami Niemi

Rami Niemi1

Rami Niemi2

Rami Niemi3

Rami Niemi5

Rami Niemi6

Rami Niemi7

Rami Niemi8

Rami Niemi9

Rami Niemi10

Rami Niemi11

Rami Niemi12

Rami Niemi13

Rami Niemi14

Rami Niemi15

Rami Niemi16

Rami Niemi17

Rami Niemi18

Rami Niemi19

Rami Niemi20

Via: Rami Niemi

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