Incredible Wire Sculptures of Animals by Kendra Haste

Kendra Haste uses galvanized wire to create her lifesize sculptures of animals such as; monkeys, giraffes and dolphins. She has public sculptures in the UK, an elephant is at Waterloo Station, London and thirteen pieces are at the Tower of London, commissioned by Historic Royal Palaces in 2010. Kendra is a member of the Society of Wildlife Artists (UK) and a signature member of the Society of Animal Artists (USA).

‘What interests me most about studying animals is identifying the spirit and character of the individual creatures. I try to create a sense of the living, breathing subject in a static 3-D form, attempting to convey the emotional essence without indulging in the sentimental or anthropomorphic.’

Wire Sculptures

No other material I have ever used has been able to suggest the sense of movement and life, of contour and volume, the contrasts of weight and lightness, of solidity and transparency – values that I find in my natural subjects. It is the perfect medium, inviting continuing exploration and challenge.

Wire Sculptures2

Wire Sculptures3

Wire Sculptures4

Wire Sculptures5

Wire Sculptures6

Wire Sculptures7

Wire Sculptures8

Wire Sculptures9

Wire Sculptures10

Wire Sculptures11

Wire Sculptures

Wire Sculptures13

via: Kendra Haste

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