Incredibly Detailed Illustration and Typography Piece by Xavier and Rémy (+ Process Shots)

Xavier Casalta and Rémy Boiré have collaborated to create this gorgeously detailed illustration and typography piece, the pointillism (dotwork) is by Xavier and the line work by Rémy. Overall, the piece took 300 hours to complete and was created using Rotring Inkpens. There are 50 limited edition prints available, on high quality giclée and A3 size, with free shipping.

Detailed Illustration

typography project2

typography project3

typography project4

Detailed Illustration

typography project6

typography project7

typography project8

typography project9

typography project10

typography project11

typography project12

typography project13

typography project14

typography project15

typography project16

typography project17

typography project18

typography project19


typography project20

via: Xavier Casalta

via: Rémy Boiré

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