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Industrial Interior Design: Den-Loft (The Perfect Man-Cave)

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NORDES Design Group based in Minsk, Belarus, with branches in Moscow and Saint Peters-burg have designed this awesome industrial interior design which they have called the ‘Den-Loft’. They specialize in interior design, architecture and 3d visualization.

We wanted to create an interior for a free man. Free of stereotypes, prejudice, unnecessary things. Person does not sit still, active, loving travel and partying with friends at home. This is why the floor space as open as possible. There is not a huge built-in wardrobe. Folding sofa, which saves space. Kitchen, if necessary, is completely hidden behind sliding facades. We wanted to ensure that the interior has become a dream of the average social unit consisting of two adults and two kids.Rather, the den – a temporary home for someone who is looking for.

industrial interior design

industrial interior design

industrial interior design













  • Total man cave, I couldn’t agree more! One vast open space, brick walls and lots of frisky details. And, of course, one thing that should not be absent in any bachelor pad – leather couch! If I should comment on everything that I like about this apartment I would probably end up writing an essay. Let´s just say it ‘stinks’ of freedom and wild and carefree spirit and that’s what’s so great about it. Shabby pieces of furniture and decorations can be really useful in creating that look.