An Innovation in Book Design: A Book for Two

A Book for Two designed by graphic designer, Soofiya Chaudry is a great step forwards in the innovation of book design.

“A Book for Two explores Shared Reading Experiences (SRE): stories and narratives are meant for sharing, and now their format is too. The book is double spined, so you can put it between two readers and share the novel. The text is divided into two parts so you alternate in reading paragraphs out aloud. The other reader can’t see your text and you can’t see theirs but occasionally you can when text is set in green, here you both read together. The overall effect of listening to this process is a completely new of engaging with narratives, as the words bounce back and forth between the two readers and really come to life.

The text for A Book for Two is the final chapter of Jeykll & Hyde, in which the protagonist feels that the evil side of his character is overpowering him. The themes of duality and the two-sides of man are carried forth in the typographic treatment and colour scheme.”



A Book for Two





A Book for Two

A Book for Two

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