A Beautiful Collection of Creative Calligraphy by Resistenza

Resistenza is a design studio based between Valencia and Torino that focuses on type-design, branding and calligraphy. It’s run by Giuseppe Salerno and Paco González, both very talented calligraphers, and it is there creative calligraphy work that we are going to be homing in on today. Alongside creating custom lettering pieces, these pair are also working on building an extensive library of fonts. Many are beautiful script fonts that can be purchased through their MyFonts foundry page.

Creative Calligraphy  BerlinerFraktur2  business-cards-letterpress cards2 EXOTPY0042 grafik man-copy martina master Natura-Script-typeface Natura-Script-typeface9 Nautica15-art-of-letters original-sam-calligraphy Presentation-Grundlos-glücklich3 sketch-wave tumblr_nns7w1HVxI1qgmcyyo1_1280 tumblr_norp9l0WYU1qgmcyyo1_1280 tumblr_notbw743NT1qgmcyyo1_1280 Youonlylive

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