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Inspiring Magazine Design – Turkish Airlines : Skylife Magazine

The Design Surgery, a London based design agency, has recently published this truly inspirational magazine design that they had created for Turkish Airlines, and their in-flight magazine 'Skylife'. By utilizing a diverse grid system, 'The Surgery' were able to work with the bilingual format easily with outcomes that are both clear and dynamic for the readers. 

The design of this magazine can quite easily inspire a thousand different outcomes. Any lover of design will appreciate the time and effort that has gone into this one publication.

Practical navigational elements guide you effortlessly through the publication regardless of your chosen language. Strategy, patterns, typography and illustration along with infographics, photography and iconography have been used to develop the magazine, whilst staying true to their original brand values. – The Design Surgery 


magazine 2

magazine 3

magazine 4

magazine 5

magazine 6

magazine 7

magazine 8

magazine 9

magazine 10

magazine 11

magazine 12

magazine 13

magazine 14

magazine 15

magazine 16

magazine 17

magazine 18

magazine 19

magazine 20

magazine 21

magazine 22

magazine 23

magazine 24

magazine 25

magazine 26

magazine 27

magazine 28

magazine 29

magazine 30

magazine 31

magazine 32

magazine 33

magazine 34

magazine 35

magazine 36

magazine 37

magazine 38

magazine 39

magazine 40

magazine design 41

magazine design 42

magazine design 43

magazine 44

magazine 45

magazine 46

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  • valentina

    Really beautiful magazine!!!! Thanks for sharing this


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