photo manipulations

Inspiring Photo Manipulations and Digital Illustrations by Carlos E. Quevedo

These inspiring photo manipulations and digital illustrations are by Carlos E. Quevedo a graphic designer and photomanipulator based in Venezuela. In this article I have also included an awesome photo manipulation process image. You can purchase prints of Carlos’ work on his DeviantART profile via the link at the bottom of this post.

My work is very influenced by religion and my personal beliefs. I create series with different characters to illustrate a world or a story. I find inspiration on theology, technology, symbolism, metals and mechanisms.

photo manipulations

photo manipulations2

photo manipulations

photo manipulations4

photo manipulations5

photo manipulations6

photo manipulations7

photo manipulations8

photo manipulations9

photo manipulations10

photo manipulations11

photo manipulations12

photo manipulations

photo manipulations14

photo manipulations15

photo manipulations16

photo manipulations17

photo manipulations18

photo manipulations19

via: Carlos E. Quevedo 

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