Mountain Bonsai – Imaginative Jewelry Design by Amado Gudek

Amado Gudek aka Elaine Tan’s most recent jewelry design project called ‘Mountain Bonsai’ explores the beauty of unsung plant fillers as they take center stage in this series of work. To create each stunning piece Elaine uses; dried plants (Caspia, Gypsophila, Peppergrass, Sea moss), bio resin and vegetable tanned leather cord. The entire collection is designed and handcrafted in her Singapore studio. If you love this jewelry as much as we do be sure to check out; Beautiful Handmade Driftwood & Bioresin Jewelry Created by Amado Gudek.

Conventionally used to bring out the beauty of bigger and more colourful flowers, plant fillers have a delicate charm of their own, which this collection seeks to highlight and accentuate. Set against a dewy, speckled backdrop, dried plant fillers such as Caspia, Gypsophilia, Peppergrass and Sea moss are framed and embedded by hand in geometric bio resin blocks and made into wearable pieces. The result is one that is breathtakingly inimitable, exuding an ethereal charm unique to their fragile but unyielding existence.

Jewelry Design



Jewelry Design


Jewelry Design



Jewelry Design



Jewelry Design



Jewelry Design


Via: Amado Gudek

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