Stunning Landscape Illustrations from The Road Trip Project by Ranganath Krishnamani

These landscape illustrations from The Road Trip project were created by Ranganath Krishnamani. He is a designer and illustrator based in Bangalore, India. Ranganath is part of the design team Liquidink Design.

The Road Trip is a compilation of landscapes that have captured his imagination and inspired him to create them, during several road trips along the countryside in India. This is an ongoing series and he hopes to contribute more in the coming months!

Landscape IllustrationsMunnar – The breathtaking tea meadows of Munnar, Kerala, India

Landscape IllustrationsDrive -Scenic drive through lush tea plantations, densely forested highways, small towns, and a never-ending long winding road.

Landscape IllustrationsPollachi – Blissful views of never ending paddy fields, narrow roads and Lotus ponds near Pollachi, Tamilnadu

Landscape IllustrationsLake Periyar – The Picturesque Periyar lake is one of the longest rivers and is the lifeline of Kerala. Home to some of the most exotic animals, birds and aquatic species. Also a tiger reserve.

Landscape IllustrationsNandi Hills, one of the very popular weekend getaways near Bangalore city. Known for its breathtaking panoramic views and long-standing heritage with the city.

Landscape IllustrationsAlleppey – Spectacular Vembanad lake, Floating buoys, and the boathouse.

Landscape IllustrationsLotus Pond – A quintessential town in South India overlooking a lotus pond. I remember driving through this old town in one of my recent road trip and being amazed at this beautiful view of the old town and this lotus pond. Tried to recreate by memory!

Sketches – Some of the quick sketches made at the location which then was translated to the illustrations.

Landscape Illustrations

Landscape Illustrations

Animation ExplorationsLandscape Illustrations

A closer look at the details Landscape Illustrations

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