Latte Art by One of US Top Coffee Artists Michael Breach

This awesome latte art is by Michael Breach, one of the top coffee artists in the United States and creating coffee art for special events, advertising, and creative projects worldwide. Michael started with simple designs and over time created more complex images, coming up with new techniques along the way.

Michael began creating coffee art working late nights as a barista. With very few coffee orders coming in, he passed the extra time perfecting his latte art.

latte art

latte art1

latte art2

latte art3

latte art4

latte art5

latte art6

latte art

latte art8

latte art9

latte art10

latte art11

latte art12

latte art13

latte art14

latte art15

latte art16

latte art17

latte art18

via: Michael Breach 


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