Makers Playing Cards Created by Chad Michael Studio

Chad Michael Studio has created this incredible deck of playing cards for Dan & Dave Industries. Chad Michael Studio is based in Dallas and specializes in packaging design, logo design and unique branding. If you love these playing cards be sure to check out our other articles featuring Chad Michael Studio; Packaging Design for Old Town Distilling Co by Chad MichaelTattoo Shop Branding: Dagger & Co. by Chad Michael and Self-Branding Project: Chad Michael Studio.

Designed for Dan & Dave Industries, Makers Playing Cards were inspired by the many “makers” throughout mankind’s history. The ones that paved their own way and forged a path for the rest of us. The deck features 14 custom illustrated Makers that have shaped our civilisations – from The Wanderer to The Prophet, to The Harlot. Makers serve as a worldly tribute and honour their contributions to humanity.


Chad Michael Studio



Chad Michael Studio



Chad Michael Studio



Chad Michael Studio



Via: Chad Michael Studio

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