Hand Painted Signs

Miss Lily’s Hand Painted Signs by FAREWELL NYC

FAREWELL NYC have hand-painted signs for the Caribbean restaurant and radio station Miss Lily’s. FAREWELL is an agency led by creative directors Brian Mackin and Kevin Devine.  They specialize in art direction, graphic design, branding, and photography.

Inspired by the rapidly disappearing bodega facades that once dotted New York City, Farewell worked to create a vibrant exterior signage system that represented the unmistakable energy of Miss Lily’s. Playing off of Farewell’s love of typography and lettering, all of the artwork is custom and completely unique. The production was done entirely in house, and every element of the signage painted by hand in Farewell’s Brooklyn studio. The result is one of the most vibrant and eye-catching facades in the neighborhood.

Hand Painted Signs

Hand Painted Signs2

Hand Painted Signs3

Hand Painted Signs4

Hand Painted Signs

Hand Painted Signs6

Hand Painted Signs7

Hand Painted Signs8

Hand Painted Signs9

Hand Painted Signs10

Hand Painted Signs11

Hand Painted Signs12

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