Modern Restaurant Branding Project for BA 53 by Nicklas Haslestad

Nicklas Haslestad is the director and designer behind the restaurant brand identity for BA 53. He is a multidisciplinary designer based in Oslo and specializes in branding design, digital design and print design.

BA 53 is a restaurant located in Oslo’s pride building ‘Bygdøy Allé 53’, hence the name. The identity is inspired by the location of the building, constructed in 1901 by architect Samuel Borgfeldt. The menu of BA 53 changes in pace with the Nordic seasons and the color scheme is chosen based on these. Our goal was to create an identity that reflects freshness & purity alongside with tradition and history. In addition to a genuine story behind the name & origin, our challenge was to merge this with the chef style of BA 53, which is said to be one of Oslo’s most innovative.

Restaurant Brand Identity BA 532 BA 53 Restaurant by Kari Inneraa BA 534 BA 535 Kari Inneraas resttaurant BA 35 Kari Inneraas resttaurant BA 35 BA 538 Norsk Prosjekteringsmal 18 BA 5310 BA 5311 BA 5312 BA 5313 BA 5314 Restaurant Brand Identity BA 5316 BA 5317Design + Direction: Nicklas Haslestad. Photography: Marte Garmann, Nicklas Haslestad. Assisting designer: Simon Gustavsson. Producer: Anders Gottlieb-Nygaard, Nicklas Haslestad. Interior design: Radius Design. Agency: Pocket. Client: BA 53.

Via: Nicklas Haslestad

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