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Beside You – A Collection of Narrative Paintings by Jolene Lai

This collection of narrative paintings by Jolene Lai are from her solo exhibition ‘Beside You’. This solo exhibition is her third with the Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles. In this project, Jolene used oil and acrylic paints on canvas or wooden panel. She is a Los Angeles-based artist and illustrator born and raised in Singapore. She works primarily with oil on canvas or mixed media on water color paper. With bold use of color, shape and intricate detail, she creates images with a seductive aesthetic and subject matter that weaves in emotions of whimsy, melancholy, irony and absurdity.

Narrative Paintings

Known for her narrative paintings in which characters are caught somewhere between dream and dread, Lai reimagines archetypal stories drawn from myth, Chinese folklore, and fairytale and transforms them into surreal compositions.

Jolene Lai2

Lai seeks to engage her audience in works that are approachable, newly imagined spaces that the viewer is invited to explore on their own terms.

Jolene Lai3

Narrative Paintings

Jolene Lai5

Narrative Paintings

Jolene Lai7

Jolene Lai8

Narrative Paintings

Jolene Lai10

Jolene Lai11

Narrative Paintings

Jolene Lai13

Narrative Paintings

Jolene Lai15

Narrative Paintings

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