Oil Painted Tattooed Portraits by Shawn Barber

Shawn Barber has created this collection of tattooed portraits, using oil on canvas, wood, panel or linen. He is currently based in Los Angeles and focuses on painting portraiture and documenting contemporary tattoo culture. Shawn has an online store selling merch that you can check out via his site

tattooed portraits

Figurative in nature, these large paintings take on abstractions with explosive colors, meandering lines and paint dripping down the canvas.

tattoo2 tattoo3 tattoo4 tattooed portraits tattoo6 tattoo7 tattoo8 tattoo9 tattoo10 tattoo11 tattoo12 tattoo13 tattoo14 tattoo15 tattoo16 tattoo17 tattoo18 tattoo19

via: Shawn Barber

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