Unique Packaging Design for Specialty Market Helvetimart

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The unique packaging design below for Helvetimart was created by Mexican-based design studio Anagrama. “Helvetimart is a specialty market in Lausanne, Switzerland offering a wide variety of regional food products. Our branding proposal is heavily inspired by regional flags belonging to each of Switzerland’s 26 sovereign states. We created a nomenclature system based on the states’ coat of arms, allowing us to establish a distinction between the different sections in the market. We simplified these flags to create a homogeneous language, using representative elements and colors to develop the labels for the brand’s products and the signage within the store to ease its navigation.”

Packaging Design

The naming for the market is inspired by the term “Helvetia”, the national personification of Switzerland, and was used to give the store an attractive and cozy feel. The ease to understand and pronounce the store in different languages was also taken into consideration.


Helvetimart’s cornucopia icon, better known as the horn of plenty, is a symbol of abundance used as a reference to the wide variety of products that are found in the market. The Swiss culture’s folklore and antique architecture served as inspiration for the clean and geometric patterns. These patterns work the Helvetimart’s iconic graphic resources and are used throughout the brand’s packaging and other applications, achieving the unity of the brand as a whole.


Packaging Design



Packaging Design


Packaging Design



Packaging Design




Packaging Design




Via: Anagrama Store