Painting with Thread by Stephanie Clark

Stephanie Clark specialises in painting with thread, she explains her work as ‘the embroidery floss is my palette and the needle is my paintbrush’. Stephanie has a background in painting which grew into exploring material and trying new techniques.

 I create a method of embroidering the threads in an arrangement that would initially create value, color, depth and as I lays the colors down they instantly blend themselves. This process has had its way with me, leading me from hobby to art. My work is an ode and influenced by the worlds of tapestry and my love for craft. Using thread instead of oils has allowed me to bring new purpose to my painting process.

painting with thread

 I likes to push my viewers to then question whose home is this? What kind of people live in this home? They then start to come up with a person and a story to that home. Sometimes it will even spark memories of their home and who they are. Then those little embroidered homes become portraits of people the viewers have created



painting with thread




via: Stephanie Clark

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