Australian Birds

Paper Art: Australian Birds by Marine Coutroutsios

Marine Coutroutsios specializes in paper art and her colorful project ‘Australian Birds’ instantly caught my eye. Marine is currently living and working in Sydney, Australia and she has been creating paper art installations, sculptures and artworks since 2011.

Here, Australian parrots are recast in vibrant displays of paper feathers. Sulphur crested cockatoos, redtailed black cockatoos, rosellas and rainbow lorikeets are captured in flight, their feathers radiating out from an eye or geometricized beak. Marine has encapsulated the blurred movement of flying parrots within these calm, abstracted forms. These roundels recall pop and op art geometric and abstract forms, and simultaneously bring to mind the feathered headdresses of the Pacific, the Torres Strait and Papua New Guinea. Words by Susannah Smith, Art Pharmacy, 2013.

Australian Birds

Australian Birds2

Australian Birds3

Australian Birds4

Australian Birds5

Australian Birds6

Australian Birds

Australian Birds8

Australian Birds9

Australian Birds11

Australian Birds12

Australian Birds13

Australian Birds14

Australian Birds15

Australian Birds16

Australian Birds

Australian Birds18

gang-gang-cockatoo-detail rainbow-lorikeet-detail red-winged-parrot-detail sulphur-crested-cockatoo-detail1 superb-parrot-detail swift-parrot-detail western-rosella-detail yellow-rosella-detail yellow-tailed-black-cockatoo-detail

Via: Marine Coutroutsios

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