Beautiful Female Portraits Painted with Ink, Tea and Alcohol by Carne Griffiths

Carne Griffiths manipulates together Ink, tea and a variety of alcohol to create his beautiful female portraits. Quite an odd concoction for a painting, but these creative and unique outcomes are what has put his name on the map allowing him to become a full time artist. By combining floral patterns, lines and geometric shapes Carne continues to explore this fragmented and abstract style in his work. To see more of Carne’s portfolio visit his website.

Beautiful Female Portraits

Since establishing his own studio in 2010, Carne has exhibited in the UK at the London Original Print Fair at the Royal Academy, the London Art Fair in both 2011 and 2012, and overseas at Urban in Ibiza in 2011 and Arts After Dark, New Orleans in 2010. Carne also collaborated with the British photographer Rankin for a feature in the 2nd edition of Hunger Magazine early in 2012.

ink and tea2

ink and tea3

ink and tea4

ink and tea5

ink and tea6

ink and tea7

ink and tea8

ink and tea9

Beautiful Female Portraits

ink and tea11

ink and tea12

ink and tea13



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