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Realistic Portrait Paintings by Erica Elan Ciganek

Erica Elan Ciganek is the talented artist behind this beautiful collection of realistic portrait paintings. Ciganek uses oil paints on canvas, wood panel and MDF. Whilst her main subject appears to be portraiture, her portfolio also contains some great landscapes and still life pieces, you can check out more of her work on her website.

Erica Elan Ciganek is a graduate of North Park University where she majored in both Art and Conflict Transformation (Class of ’13).  She took her first painting class senior year of high school, and has, with great interest, participated as this passion grew.  She works mainly in the medium of oil paint, but is simultaneously interested in film photography, music, and drawing.   

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Realistic Portrait Paintings

realistic paintings3

Realistic Portrait Paintings

realistic paintings5 realistic paintings

realistic paintings8

realistic paintings9

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via: Erica Elan Ciganek

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