Beautiful and Realistic Sketches of Birds by Vanessa Foley

Self-employed artist Vanessa Foley has created the collection of awesome realistic sketches of birds below. She is currently based in Newcastle, England and her work has been featured in galleries in America, New Zealand and the UK.

I have always lived in the city, and love it, but my heart lies in the wild Northumberland countryside that surrounds my bustling town. My love of nature and art are inseparable, and I could never imagine one without the other.

Realistic Sketches of Birds

Vanessa Foley2

Vanessa Foley3

Vanessa Foley4

Realistic Sketches of Birds

Vanessa Foley6

Vanessa Foley7

Vanessa Foley8

Vanessa Foley9

Vanessa Foley10

Via: Vanessa Foley

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