Rebranding Project – BT Vision by ManVsMachine and Proud Creative

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The face of BT Vision, the TV-on-demand service offered by BT to BT Total Broadband customers has been successfully re-branded, courtesy of ManvsMachine and Proud Creative. Although 3 years have passed since the project was launched it still deserves a spot in our archives, as it displays excellent execution of practical, commercial and creative design. I encourage you to watch the short motion piece below, some of you may recognise some of the short clips.

In Spring 2010 ManvsMachine were invited to pitch on a top-to-toe rebrand of BT Vision. The overall scope of the project has been to develop a new and innovative identity package for the BT Vision TV-on-demand service; with a brand that needs to work across all media and is able to sit with the existing BT brand and BT Vision product logos. Completed in association with our friends and regular collaborators, Proud Creative. – ManVsMachine

BT-Vision Bt-Vision BT-Vision1 BT-Vision2 Bt-Vision3 Bt-Vision4 Bt-Vision5 Bt-Vision6 Bt-Vision7 Bt-Vision8 Bt-Vision9 Bt-Vision10 Bt-Vision11 Bt-Vision12 Bt-Vision13 Bt-Vision14 Untitled-12_800