Restaurant Branding: Yellow Submarine Burger Place by Ivan Dilberovic

Ivan Dilberovic has created this restaurant branding for ‘Yellow Submarine’ Burger Place, which is based in the city of Zagreb, Croatia. Ivan explains how the main challenge of the project was finding the balance between the concept of organic food (green) and selling meat (black).

The periscope as a supporting element is used in almost every possible detail; print materials, guerrilla advertising and interior design.

Restaurant Branding1

Restaurant Branding2

Restaurant Branding3

Restaurant Branding4

Restaurant Branding5

Restaurant Branding6

Restaurant Branding7

Restaurant Branding8

Restaurant Branding9

Restaurant Branding10

Restaurant Branding11

Restaurant Branding12

Restaurant Branding13

Restaurant Branding14

Restaurant Branding15

Restaurant Branding16

Restaurant Branding17

Restaurant Branding18

Restaurant Branding19

Restaurant Branding20

Restaurant Branding21

Restaurant Branding22

Restaurant Branding23

Restaurant Branding24

Restaurant Branding25

Restaurant Branding26

Restaurant Branding27

Restaurant Branding28

Restaurant Branding29

Restaurant Branding30

via: Ivan Dilberovic

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