Skribblugh – An Eccentrically Handwritten Font Family

Tom here! I’m pleased to introduce you to my latest font family ‘Skribblugh’.

This was a creative experiment. Writing for a long period of time prior to starting erased any inhibitions that prohibited forming natural, authentic letters and by adding more duration the hands became sore and weak. Allowing minimal control, and a more eccentric outcome. It was a real slog, but totally worth it.

Skribblugh is a wobbly, aesthetically pleasing and obviously handwritten typeface full of character and versatility. Within a modern design; It adds a human’s touch, a final note, a signature. And within a playful, colorful one it helps exaggerate the atmosphere, bringing playfulness and warmth to the center of the stage.

With four choices for every uppercase and lowercase letter, there are plenty of opportunities to make designs look personal and relatable!

Check it out in all of its glory here!

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