Studio Branding

Studio Branding and Stationery: ‘Federation’ by Ozan Akkoyun

Ozan Akkoyun has created the studio branding and stationery for ‘Federation’, a creative network based in Istanbul and founded in 2014. Ozan is a designer who specializes in editorial design, print design, identity design and more.

Changing upper and lowercase letters together with the usage of the differing punctuation marks represent the variability of creative solutions under a solid philosophy.

Studio Branding

Studio Branding2

Studio Branding3

Studio Branding4

Studio Branding

Studio Branding6

Studio Branding7

Studio Branding8

Studio Branding9

Studio Branding10

Studio Branding11

Studio Branding12

Studio Branding13

Studio Branding14

Studio Branding15

Studio Branding16

Studio Branding17

Studio Branding18

Studio Branding19

Studio Branding20

via: Ozan Akkoyun


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