Stunning Black and White Watercolor Paintings by Elicia Edijanto

Elicia Edijanto specialises in watercolor paintings and works only in black and white. She is currently based in Indonesia working as a graphic designer.

Elicia captures unique connection between animals and children. Small, vulnerable children stand alongside creatures of the wild like elephants, wolves and bears with peace and confidence. Those dreamlike-scenes are both tranquil and contemplative.

Watercolor Paintings

Watercolor Paintings2

Watercolor Paintings3

Watercolor Paintings4

Watercolor Paintings5

Watercolor Paintings

Watercolor Paintings7

Watercolor Paintings8

Watercolor Paintings9

Watercolor Paintings10

Watercolor Paintings11

Watercolor Paintings12

Watercolor Paintings13

via: Elicia Edijanto

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