Stunning Hand Lettered and Illustrated Certificates by Swindler & Swindler

Swindler & Swindler are two french illustrators based in Grenoble. They have created this awesome project that features beautifully hand lettered and illustrated certificates resembling those of the 19th century.  All of the designs you see below are available to purchase via Swindler & Swindler’s website and all prints are hand stamped and the name of the recipient is hand written before shipping.

Those kind of diploma are nowadays antiquated and no longer valuable, just like subjects we picked up. Selling Empathy, Honesty or Self-Respect is by definition impossible. Those intangible concepts are part of human being state. But who had never dreamed of buying some Self-Confidence or care for someone loved. It is now possible with Swindler & Swindler.

Hand Lettered Swindler2 Swindler3 Swindler4 Swindler5 Hand Lettered Swindler7 Swindler8 Swindler9 Swindler10 Swindler11 Swindler13 Swindler14 Swindler15 Swindler16 Swindler17 Swindler18 Swindler19 Swindler20 Swindler21 Swindler22 Swindler23 v12

Via: Swindler & Swindler

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