Stunning Hyper Realistic Paintings by Mike Dargas

This series of hyper realistic paintings are by Mike Dargas, he uses oil paints on large canvas’ usually around 140 x 220 cm in size. Mike specializes in portrait painting, the pieces below were created in 2014 and 2015 and features honey dripping down the models faces. The precise technique gives, like a photography, a snapshot of the moment. The artist studies his motifs with search intensity, did each portrait pictures a profile of Increasing intimate closeness. Mike finds his models in his everyday life and is not limited on Certain types. He portrays young and old, beautiful and dark, fragile and strong people. 

Hyper Realistic Paintings

Hyper Realistic Paintings2

Hyper Realistic Paintings3

Hyper Realistic Paintings

Hyper Realistic Paintings5

Via: Mike Dargas

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