Stunning Miniature Furniture by Emily Boutard

This collection of stunning miniature furniture is by Emily Boutard, she is currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Emily builds each piece from scratch and has been developing her skills over many years. If you are interested in learning how to make miniature furniture, Emily has a couple of tutorials on her website. There is this moment when people see a well-constructed miniature: a surprised drawing-in of breath, a disbelief that something so small could look so real. This is what I chase.

Miniature Furniture

Emily Boutard2

Emily Boutard3

Emily Boutard4

Emily Boutard5

Emily Boutard6

Emily Boutard7

Emily Boutard8

Emily Boutard9

Emily Boutard10

Emily Boutard11

Emily Boutard12

Emily Boutard13

Emily Boutard14

Emily Boutard15

Emily Boutard16

Emily Boutard17

Emily Boutard18

Emily Boutard19

Miniature Furniture

Emily Boutard21

Emily Boutard22

Emily Boutard23

Via: Emily Boutard

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