Surrealist Painter Creatively Combines Portraiture with Landscapes

Beau Bernier Frank is the self-taught surrealist painter behind the project below titled ‘Off the Grid’. Beau explains his project as; The various landscapes and dream-like destinations introduce bold colors and intertwine with the model’s identity. Beau’s paintings convey a feeling of wanderlust, all while staying true to his taste for simplicity, sophisticated style, limitless traveling, and creative thinking.

Beau Bernier Frank1

The monochromatic color palette of his male figures, their striking physical features, and tastefully fitted men’s wear all contribute to defining the overall editorial identity of the collection. The cohesive assembly of portraits are carefully designed with a strong attention to detail, composed with a lookbook appeal and executed in a tactical, graphic designer kind of way. Their gazes offer insight into their personalities and reveal an air of disconnectedness with an undercurrent of nostalgia––in other words, they seek to escape their reality, and to travel to those distant places painted across their faces.

Beau Bernier Frank2

Beau immersed himself in painting and made an overnight change to focus his attention to the creative arts as a means to cope with reality. Not being able to walk or work for several months gave Beau an opportunity to brainstorm and explore his artistic inclinations. He eventually developed a new innovative and unique style of collages of landscapes with portraits. These paintings would mark the beginning of his new career as an emerging artist and the creation of his latest collection, “Off the Grid.”

Beau Bernier Frank3

Surrealist Painter

Beau Bernier Frank5

Beau Bernier Frank6

Beau Bernier Frank7

Beau Bernier Frank8

Beau Bernier Frank9

Beau Bernier Frank10

Beau Bernier Frank11

Beau Bernier Frank12

Beau Bernier Frank13

Beau Bernier Frank14

Beau Bernier Frank15

Beau Bernier Frank16

Via: Beau Bernier Frank

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