Tatiana Barakova Creates Adorable Animals out of Wool

These absolutely adorable animals by Tatiana Barakova are made out of 100% sheep wool. Tatiana is based in Russia, St. Petersburg and has been creating animal teddies since 2006. Each toy can take up to two weeks to make and they all have glass eyes, also each teddy is made using a needle felting technique.

Adorable Animals

Tatiana Barakova1

Tatiana Barakova2

Tatiana Barakova3

Adorable Animals

Tatiana Barakova5

Tatiana Barakova6

Tatiana Barakova7

Tatiana Barakova8

Tatiana Barakova9

Tatiana Barakova10

Tatiana Barakova11

Tatiana Barakova12

Tatiana Barakova13

Tatiana Barakova14

Tatiana Barakova15

Tatiana Barakova16

Tatiana Barakova17

Tatiana Barakova19

Tatiana Barakova20

Via: Tatiana Barakova


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