tattoo shop branding

Tattoo Shop Branding: Dagger & Co. by Chad Michael

This tattoo shop branding is by Chad Michael, a designer based in NY and TX specializing in packaging design, branding and product development. The tattoo shop ‘Dagger & Co.’ is based on the island of Malta, with two owners who want to stand out amongst other tattoo shops. They are responsible for launching the first international tattoo convention on the island for which I also had the honor to create the posters for along side renown illustrator DZO Olivier.

tattoo shop branding

tattoo shop branding2

tattoo shop branding3

tattoo shop branding4

tattoo shop branding

tattoo shop branding6

tattoo shop branding7

tattoo shop branding8

tattoo shop branding9

tattoo shop branding10

tattoo shop branding11

tattoo shop branding12

via: Chad Michael

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