The Illustration Portfolio of Fran Meneses

Here is the illustration portfolio of Fran Meneses aka Frannerd, she was born in Chile and moved to Berlin, Germany a few months ago. I randomly came across her work when I was watching one of Essie Button’s vlogs on Youtube, I have included one of her illustrations for Essie below. Fran also has a Youtube Channel where she talks about pencils, paper, illustration and more, check it out here.

So I decided to stay in Graphic Design. But when the classes were over, I ran to the library and I would spend hours and hours looking at illustrations books, blogs and all the information I could hold in my head about techniques, famous illustrators, my favorite styles and all that stuff.

illustration portfolio

Fran Meneses2

Fran Meneses3

illustration portfolio

Fran Meneses5

Fran Meneses6

Fran Meneses7

Fran Meneses8

Fran Meneses9

Fran Meneses10

Fran Meneses11

Fran Meneses12

Fran Meneses13

Fran Meneses14

Fran Meneses15

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