‘Tokyo Storefront’ Illustration Series by Mateusz Urbanowicz

Mateusz Urbanowicz is the artist behind this awesome ‘Tokyo Storefront’ illustration series. Each piece is created on HOLBEIN Waterford white 300g/m cotton paper, sketched using a COPIC Multiliner SP O.7mm and finally painted with a Winsor and Newton watercolor set. Below, you will find each finished piece followed by a video of its process, it is not often that an artist publishes a process video for every piece in a series so this is a real treat!

When I moved to Tokyo, more than 3 years ago I was really surprised that upon my walks I encountered so many shops still in business in really old buildings. Differently to Kobe, where the earthquake wiped out a lot of these old downtown houses and shops, in Tokyo they still survive. I chose the best reference pictures from the ones I took during my explorations and decided to make an illustration series of old Tokyo storefronts.

Yamane meat shop from Nippori district

Mateusz Urbanowicz

Tsuruya (former) tailors, now retro variety shop  from Jinbōchō district

Mateusz Urbanowicz

Kobayashi hair salon from Sanbanchyo district


Chinese food restaurant from around the Takadanobaba district

Mateusz Urbanowicz

Miyake bicycle shop based on shops from Kagurazaka and Kichijyouji


Isetatsu traditional color woodblock print store from Yanaka district

Mateusz Urbanowicz

Ootoya meat shop from Koujimachi district


Nakashimaya Japanese sake shop from Mejiro district


Kitchen Kuku restaurant from Kichijyouji district

Mateusz Urbanowicz

Noike sushi restaurant from Yanaka district


Via: Mateusz Urbanowicz

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