Toy & Packaging Design: Robot Roy, The Nutcracker Toy

The design agency known as Robot Food created Robot Roy for their clients, for Christmas 2014. Robot Roy is made of wood and hand-painted in primary colors, he is also packaged in a creative black box with gold embossing and laying in a bed of gold paper.

The 50 limited edition boxes are finished in a luxurious gold foil and sealed with a numbered sticker. Cracking.

Nutcracker Toy

Nutcracker Toy2

Nutcracker Toy3

Nutcracker Toy4

Nutcracker Toy5

Nutcracker Toy

Nutcracker Toy7

Nutcracker Toy8

Nutcracker Toy9

Nutcracker Toy10

Nutcracker Toy11

Nutcracker Toy12

Nutcracker Toy13

Nutcracker Toy14

Nutcracker Toy15

via: Robot Food


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